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Door de grote vraag zijn sommige van onze producten soms niet op voorraad. We houden onze voorraadniveaus voortdurend in de gaten en verwachten doorgaans dat we elke productlijn binnen een paar weken kunnen aanvullen. Als u een pre-order heeft geplaatst voor een artikel dat niet op voorraad is en het lijkt erop dat het langer duurt dan verwacht om het bij u te krijgen.

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The colorful bracelet collection - A rainbow of possibilities

The Tara JWLS collection of colorful bracelets is designed to give our customers the opportunity to express their style through a palette of vibrant colors. It's a veritable rainbow of possibilities, where each bracelet is designed to reflect your personal style and brighten up your everyday life.

Colors for every mood

Our colorful bracelets strive to reflect your personality, so they're as close as possible to what you want to show the world. With a palette ranging from subtle pastels to bold, vivid colors, our bracelets let you express yourself freely and complete your outfit with the perfect color match, reflecting your mood or personality.

Spice up your style with colorful Tara JWLS bracelets

A colorful bracelet is the perfect way to spice up your outfit. Whether it's a subtle touch to enhance a casual outfit or a colorful splash to complete an evening outfit, Tara JWLS bracelets adapt to your every whim. They combine innovative design with quality materials, ensuring that each bracelet is not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable to wear. 

Quality materials in every bracelet

We make sure that every one of our products is assembled using the best possible components. Our bracelets, just like our rings, earrings or any of our jewelry items, are made from materials carefully chosen for their durability and brilliance. Each bracelet is a guarantee of quality and longevity, at affordable prices.

Unique bracelets and a brand committed to its customers

Full service and a simplified shopping experience

The Tara JWLS online store is designed for a pleasant and intuitive user experience. With secure payment options and easy navigation, choosing the perfect bracelet has never been easier. Delivery is free for orders over €60 in Belgium, and free returns are possible within 14 days of delivery.